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At KRS, we enable your business to be more efficient through affordable and innovative software development.

We have a firm belief in personal attention, and a commitment to giving you the best value business software. We offer turnkey custom development services from assessment and analysis right through to design, implementation and post-implementation support.

We have systems in place to get your project set up and started without any hassle or unnecessary paperwork, all complemented by our hands-on and personal approach.

KRS - Agile Solutions - Software Development

KRS – Agile solutions for agile businesses

We run our business with the values of honesty, integrity and respect with a firm commitment to innovation, openness and delivery. To give you more software for your money and outstanding 24/7 local support, we operate according to the Agile Manifesto where although we value the items on the right, we value the items on the left more:

  •   Customer collaboration over contract negotiations
  •   Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  •   Responding to change over following a plan
  •   Working software over full documentation

Our highest priority is to satisfy our clients through early and continuous delivery of quality and valuable software. We encourage and welcome changes to requirements, even late in the development cycle. Agile processes adapt to change, giving you the competitive edge. Delivering working software often so that you can see results, faster.

We understand the necessity for business people and developers to work closely together throughout the projects. And we believe in face2face conversations with the development team. Our motivated staff, well-supported by our environment and systems, will deliver your project on time.

Working software is the main measure of progress! We strive for technical excellence and great design as this enhances the ultimate goal – maintainable software that can grow with your needs.